The USA is surveillingallof us, even its own citizens. The UK detains US journalists willing to speak out about it at their borders for as long as legally possible. They enacted laws (and are trying to enact more) to make it’s citizens accountable for internet discourse, and have passed legislation requiring disclosure of passwords and encryption keys to law enforcement. The NZ government last week (despite ~75% popular disapproval) voted to increase legal domestic surveillance measures.The Australian Federal Government wants in on the action and are hiring:

At least they don’t pay well (<$100k), and as Schneider notes today, underpaid employees often blow whistles.

This is all part of the FIVEEYES initiative under which the five anglo nations (US, CA, UK, AU, NZ) share signals data with each other for, you know, the greater good, whatever they decide that may be today. WHERE ARE YOU CANADA? Give me something double oh newsworthy. Matter of time :)

To anyone ‘patriotic’ enough to want to make five figures whilst becoming a social pariah, strongly suggest you do something actually useful with your ticking clock and become an advocate for nuclear power (see yesterdays post) or active eugenics down under. This will have pragmatic positive outcomes for your children and theirs. Working for ASIO will not.