> “Google has more data, more machines, and more years, but we will have more social information,” he said. “We’re cautiously optimistic, but it is going to be a long battle.” > > Another hope is to get different Microsoft services, like Skype, used onto lots of phones, and apply that data to Bing. In turn, those search insights can be used to tweak the products, raising the importance of some email items on a consumer’s Inbox, or linking a map to an address in a message. > > “Your Skype relationships are even more important than your e-mail relationships,” said Eric Rudder, Microsoft’s chief technical strategy officer.

Interesting searchscape shifts ahead, perhaps, if Apple dumps Google in favour of Bing and Skype starts feeding metadata to that same engine. “Everyone” uses Google to search but “everyone” also has an iPhone, iPad and Skype. With the recent release of Outlook.com, Microsoft might soon claim the crown of “personal email de jour” as well. Let’s not forget that MSFT also owns a small chunk of Facebook. What happens when MSFT knows about your social, email, calendar, contaacts and mobile search history? Bing can and will produce more personally relevant results than Google.

MSFT Resurgence!!1