A recent survey of 1000 technology empowered workers found:

  • More than half the companies queried offer “flexible hours”

  • 80% of employee’s derive lifestyle improvementsfrom “flexible hours”

  • 65%of those believedflexible workwould be adeciding factorin theirnext career move

  • 2/3 of organizations allow consumer technology at work

  • Over 1/3 allow such devices without IT’s permission

  • 40% of employees suffer from ‘information overload’& 35% of those surveyed suggested the root cause is email

Two thirds of employee’s who have access tovideo conferencingabilities say that their enterprise communication (internal and external)is more productive,saves time and money, and should be available on as many devices as possible.

The takeaway is simple. A heavy reliance on email and strict 9 to 5 office hours are a disadvantage in the global economy. They detract from your ability to find and retain best of breed talent. They detract from your employee’s ability to rise to the occasion and deliver results in line with their potential.

Embrace collaboration technologies, new management styles and “free” your workforce. Expect ROI almost immediately.