• => $29 trillion to generate America’s baseload electric power with a 50 / 50 mix of wind and solar farms, on parcels of land totaling the area of Indiana.
  • => $18 trillion to rely on Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) farms in the southwest deserts, on parcels of land totaling the area of West Virginia.
  • <= $3 trillion with AP-1000 Light Water Reactors, on parcels totaling a few square miles.
  • =~ $1 trillion with liquid-fueled Molten Salt Reactors, on the same amount of land, but with no water cooling, no risk of meltdowns, and the ability to use our stockpiles of nuclear “waste” as a secondary fuel.

A 2012 estimate of 'deaths per trillion kWh' [4] from various energy sources:

  • Coal : 100,000
  • Natural Gas: 4,000
  • Solar : 440
  • Wind: 150
  • Nuclear : 90

Biggest problem with nuclear not yet elegantly solved by modern technology = high capital and regulatory requirements = ripe for corruption, bureaucratic stonewalling etc. Given that most new CO2 will come from developing nations with unstable governments/legal systems, this is problematic. If the US can't streamline reactor deployments, how can Iran, Pakistan, Nigeria etc?