Savulescu and his doctoral supervisor Peter Singer do not perceive the danger of a eugenic caste because, like many mainstream sociologists, they deny biological influences on class differences.


A minority eugenic caste would be a dagger in the heart of something Westerners take for granted—a unified democratic community with a large degree of social mobility. For that reason it would be wise to outlaw or strictly regulate minority-positive eugenics. As already stated, that could prove difficult. Technically there is no great divide between negative and positive eugenics, and there is nothing inherently perverse about wanting one’s children to have a touch of the demi-god. If prevention proves impracticable, an alternative to defeating the resulting exclusivity might be to universalise it. If the lower orders cannot beat a eugenic upper caste, they might vote to join it by demanding that government provide eugenics services as an essential component of the welfare state.

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