Ruffled Feathers – The Brooks Review:

Regular people don’t care about their attention as long as Facebook is free.

This is the post-consumer-centric-web world we live in. People will willingly put up with ads (which at best distract them from the task at hand, at worse incite them to buy things they didnt want or need) and companies collecting & distributing vast amounts of data about their personal preferences as long as it means that Facebook, GMail and Words with Friends remain free.

Every tech literate (i use that term loosely) person I know harps on about the life changing benefits of Dropbox. Not one of them pays the yearly fee. I’d be veryinterested to see how evangelical they were if the free option was removed.

Full disclosure: I pay for Dropbox, Exchange, don’t have a Facebook and the $1 version of Words with Friends. I also pay for Evernote, will pay for Asana when they let me, fly Business even when its not on points and religiously stay at Hiltons. Value trumps cost.