Long story short: A hacker can craft a VMDK descriptor file and upload it […]to gain access to all physical hard drives on the host. 

So if you are a company setting up a cloud with VM upload/migration features, and basic security is important, then don’t use vSphere 5.0.

VMWorld better be amazing. If it’s a vSphere 5.1 “tock” release with some licensing changes (vRAM abolishment), Hyper-V 3 is going to clean up in the coming twelve months.

Not only will the two nearly be at feature parity come Server 2012 launch (a month away), for the average enterprise that already licenses their ESXi sockets for Windows Datacenter (to allow unlimited Windows Server instances) and uses SCCM or SCOM to manage said Windows hosts, the MSFT virtualization solution costs literally <50% of the VMwareequivalent.