"So because social media is mostly a waste of time, we should shut it off and be more present in our offline relationships?" [...] This standard criticism of social media and texting is backwards: it doesn't detract from real life relationships, it represents a much desired break from them. Having to be with someone, especially someone you're not having sex with, especially someone you're not having sex with anymore, is very, very hard; having people see you, especially when you're not amidst the symbols that you believe form your "real" identity-- say, a hedge fund trader who has to be home with the kids or a pretty girl in a sweats at a supermarket-- this is a kind of exposure far more embarrassing than any selfie. What if they confuse that as the real you?


Showing a man a baby picture is equivalent to showing a woman a picture of his car. "A #baby is more important than a car, dontcha think?" Yes, but a picture of a baby isn't more important than a picture of a car. "Yeah, but--" I know. Logic is mean.

TLP goes alright