If Windows 8 fails, it won’t kill the company, but it will raise some serious questions about what the future of Microsoft looks like. It could end up rich but invisible; important to businesses and computing and technology but not, in any immediate way, to normal people.

Apparently being a profitable enterprise-space technology company isn’t enough? Apparently you need consumers to care to be relevant? This was never true ‘before Apple’, nor is it the case now. Tech bloggers would much rather Apple have a fierce consumer space competitor in Microsoft because the lucrative enterprise market isboooooring to Matt Mainstream (the target audience of most tech blogs) who reads The Verge on the train to work (on his iPad, of course, we are post PC!) to decide whether the iPhone 5 or Galaxy S III will improve his life by a larger margin, yet doesn’t much care about the release of Office 2013, inclusive of Outlook and Lync 2013, the two applications his employer will have him live inside for far longer than his next smartphone will stay with him.
Kids these days.