> The tech scene since then has been all about Apple. True, Steve Jobs headed up what is arguably the most remarkably innovative decade of any company in history.** But it’s worth noting that Microsoft was handcuffed that entire time. **While Windows is still the most popular OS on the desktop, it’s struggling for relevance on phones and has barely gotten started on tablets. Microsoft has become an underdog in all of the most interesting areas of technology.

Emphasis mine. Steve Jobs was awesome, but a big part of why Apple was the juggernaut of the last decade can be traced back to MSFT being soawesomelyubiquitousin the decade proceeding that goverment bodies “had to” intervene in order for the little guy to have a fighting chance. By that same amazing ah hem logic, the 2016 Olympics should allow handicaps for nascent athletes in order to level the playing field.

Democracy sucks for those ahead of the curve.