My Take On ONTAP 8.1.1 – Chuck’s Blog:

Yeah, NetApp does flash — sort of. Yeah, NetApp does scale-out — sort of. Yeah, NetApp does continuous operations — sort of. Yeah, NetApp supports large block environments — sort of.

This is written by an EMC employee but somewhat rings true. I was a hugefan of NetApp 08-10 and would have signed PO’s to them over EMC in a heartbeat if that was my gig in that timeframe. It would seem between EMC acquring Isilon (very smart), rolling out VNX (meh, but almost direct compete against FAS) and NetApp degrading their single OS unified storage mantra by startingto acquire (a la EMC the last two decades) that both giants are now much of a muchness and newer players (Nimble, Nutanix, TwinStrata, Nexenta etc) are poised to rip the market away from its deathmatch-caged 600pound gorillas.