Riot shutters OS-X support for League of Legends | VG247:

So far we have been unable to ensure a consistent quality bar across platforms, Riot admitted of the collaborative efforts to create a decent Mac port.

As the world [self included] falls en-masse-in-love with everything Apple, this is the only thing keeping a Windows PC in my bag of tricks. Really popular, profitable games can’t be bothered porting their wares to Mac, an environment chock full of users already proven willing to pay a premium for good products.

Long live the PC.

NB : nothing will rid me of the need for a Windows VM, because unlike graphic designers and ‘vagabonds’, I have real enterprise apps with no OSX equivilent to run, oh and Office 2010 (including Visio/Project) is about 100x better than any opensource or OSX equivilent.