What is the most underrated threat to modern society? – Quora

For every one new barrel of oil discovered, the world consumes at least nine barrels

The above thread discusses risks to human perpetuity i’d never considered:

  • Rampant consumerism – more specifically, the desire of the entire world’s population to live the way the top 10% of the American population does
  • Solar output variations or a giant meteor resulting in our exitinction (remember – 99% of species that ever came about has since become extinct)
  • Populism – the phenomenon of prosperity leading to popular leadership as opposed to capable leadership and the resulting plummet in quality of life that follows this short sightedness.

By far the most interesting and well hashed out arguement presented is that of Peak Oil (not new) here; it’s somewhat dry but very worth the read. While it is fairly common knowledge that since the 1970’s we consume more oil than we produce, and this has been getting worse by the day every since, the discussion splits into two forks; one arguing just how long we have left until petroleum is depleted, and the other arguing just how impactful said scarcity will be on society as we know it.

TL;DR we have about 20 years until there’s very little/no oil left to consume, and developing countries will be hit the hardest (economically), as scarcity will cause princes to skyrocket and those countries can least afford to foot the bill. First world countries will obviously have a quality of life hit (carbon taxes, $$ petrol prices etc) but technology and plentiful natural gas reserves (relatively speaking) will ease our transition onto new energy sources [yay for optimism!!].

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