It is true that a Libertarian society – a free society – would not have any need for police. Police enforce laws. As most thoughtful people know, laws are not always just. Indeed, laws are more often not just. This hardly requires elaboration.

The average person is done more real violencebythe law – and by the police who enforce these laws – than by the theoretical (for the most part) harm that might by done them by lawbreakers – i.e., their fellow men,absentthe law.

And absentpolice.

For Libertarians, on the other hand, there is onlyonelaw – non-aggression: Do no harm to others or their property – but otherwise, do as you wish. Jefferson styled this*the pursuit of happiness.*

But at least – being based on the principles of self-ownership and non-aggression – it would bemore perfectthan the existing system in that absent tangible evidence of having caused demonstrableharm(as opposed to violating a statute) no*charges *could be successfully pressed. If this were the rule rather than the exception probably 9 out of ten people would never have any interaction with the peacekeepers – beyond offering a friendly wave and a “hello, there!” once in awhile.

Libertarianism is both right –andpractical.