1. Install Windows 8 Beta
  2. Encounter problem
  3. Find answer to problem via helpful community on internet
  4. Fix problem


  1. Install Mountain Lion Dev Preview
  2. Encounter problem
  3. Find threads on numerous, popular Mac centric forums enquiring as to solution to said problem where 90% of replies are synonymous to “this is what you get for installing beta software when told not to. You suck at life. BTW have you tried Tweetbot v2 its SO PRETTY and BTW #2 Dropbox is a GREAT SERVICE IT CHANGED MY LIFE”
  4. Contemplate installing Windows 8 Beta in Bootcamp instead of wasting time reinstalling Lion (which is a relatively mature but bland OS) from scratch.

And this is why comments are disabled on blog posts nowdays :) Trolls who homepage mac fanboy blogs, sucks to be you. I agree Tweetbot.2 is very pretty, Dropbox is a great service and the Apple products as an ecosystem are pretty great, but the community is AWEFUL unless your number one priority is pedestaling “pretty” (ie design), which Mac fanboys will unashamedly admit to.

Windows early adopters will run Windows 8 Beta on their primary machines for a year before release, proudly and jointly overcoming any hurdles that may arise (and there won’t be many; Windows 7 beta was rawrsome).

Mac early adopters camp outside the Apple store to be one of the first 500 in their local geography to own the iPad 3 where nothing will go wrong thanks to sandboxing. The definition of manliness.