Time and taste – Marco.org:

But all of the money, web traffic, and cheap cardboard boxes in the world can’t buy two huge factors that contribute to Apple’s modern success: time and taste.

Simple, valid arguement… in the consumer space. Some could argue the “consumerisation” of the enterprise means this is ubiqutiously relevant, but backend infrastructure is

a) Not penetrated by Apple in any real way shape or form (I don’t care if you work in a small business/freelance where your whole backend is run on SaaS, you don’t matter). Case in point… OSX Lion Server.

b) Not dictated by design or first to market. Marco argues that a well constructed first to market product producer will reign supreme indefinately, but VMware were first to market with an enterprise ready hypervisor and held the reigns for only five years. This is a technology that all enterprises want to eventually use to run 100% of their workloads, be it on premise or “in the cloud”. The CLOUD is powered by hypervisors. 2012+ is a real three horse race between ESX, Hyper-V and XenServer. In this scenario and so many others, Microsofts late start + “unlimited cash” combination didn’t proclude them from making a huge comeback (Hyper-V 3).

I see no reason why WP8(.5) / Windows 8 can’t come in strong against Apple’s iOS 6 / OSX ML given that Metro is well designed and backed by an equally large ecosystem of users and developers.

This post was written on an iPhone, published on an iPad and viewed on a MBP (running Windows 8 Server Beta), so biased I am not.