Marcus Geduld’s answer to I really want to live before I die. What should I do? – Quora:

“It’s a well-established principle that if you take somebody who is doing something for his or her own pleasure and offer some kind of outside reward for doing it — and let the person become accustomed to performing the task for that reward — then take the reward away, the individual will stop that activity. You can even train nursery school youngsters who love to draw pictures to stop drawing, simply by giving them gold stars and some other little bonus for a couple of months … and then removing that artificial ‘motivation.’** In fact, I think our society expects school to get students to the point where they only do things for outside rewards.** People who perform tasks for their internal reasons are hard to control. Now I don’t think that teachers get up in the morning and say to themselves, ‘I’m going to go to school today and take away all those young peoples’ motivations’ … but that’s exactly what often happens.”

Witness the birth and death of the industrial revolution, and the outrage of middle class as a demographic, helplessly watching their uni/college=$=happiness dogma erode beneath them.