Read this over and over again until you understand it (or alternatively try your hand at proving me wrong)!

Work has become a process. It is no longer a place.

I wake up in the late morning and am exhillerated to be able to use my skillset to add value to my clients businesses (and therefore lives). This is the future of productivity:

  • No commute.

  • No distractions (you know, those ‘social’ people in the office that add charisma and culture to your lively workplace [gag] that actually erode productivity)!

  • No excuse.

As corporate employees we think once we’ve arrived at work in our beau monde outfits and consumed our ritual caffiene dosage of choice, that ‘work’ is well underway. Fair enough. It’s 9:45AM and you’ve been awake and in ‘its a work day’ mode for at least two hours. What fantastic accomplishments have been made today?

Decoupling the notion of modern day productivity with ‘being at the office’ forces every one of us to account for where our day goes.

If your idea of an ideal life is one where you spend 10+ hours of your week preparing for, commuting to and from, and unwinding from “work” along with the 40+ requisite hours you spend at the office, inclusive of numerous coffee, lunch and over-the-partition chats, please, explain to me WHY this appeals to you (seriously). We are mortal. Finite. If you have achieved a typical school > college > internship > graduate position > marriage > kids > promotions > manager > retirement lifestyle and are okay to leave this world having been the same as everyone else, you and I see the world differently and you most likely need to google “Huffington Post” (or “i am average”).

Real productivity does not have a location. Your best web designer, customer support rep or marketing guru can do equally (perhaps better, sustained) amazing stuff from home, her local coffee shop, Prague.

Give your team the ability and the responsibility to communicate and collaborate in ways quite literally impossible a decade ago and you will be astounded at the results. They will create. Solve. Achieve. And best of all, THANK YOU for the opportunity to live such a rich (free, productive, rewarding) life.